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Jeevan Singh Rupra

Why did you join HB Health Hub?

The reason I joined the hub was due to me wanting to make life/health changes. My goals were to get toned and regain my energy as well as lose weight.


What were your expectations?


My expectations were to gain the results I set by gaining knowledge and understanding of how to achieve and maintain these results long term.

Have we met your expectations?

The hub has exceeded my expectations. I thought I was working just on weight loss and training to gain a better physique but there was so much more to gain by doing the full coaching sessions. Physically and mentally I have become much stronger than I was when I started. The information that is shared individually as well as a group has been tremendously helpful.


What did you mostly takeaway from this experience?


Discipline & consistency are the two words that resonate with me during my time at the hub. No matter what I do in the future that will stick with me. There is no quick fix you have to keep working.

When you speak to others about your journey, what are you most excited about telling them?


To become accountable and to show up. I thought I was addressing one or two things in my life but throughout my journey I learned more about myself and had to address other things that were not allowing me to progress in life. Not just that but the value you get from joining the hub and Helder’s coaching is unique.

Do you feel you have come away from this experience with knowledge you can take away with you for the rest of your life?


Of course! the knowledge I have gained in the last few months on topics such as nutrition, sleep and supplements to name a few have been vital for my results. This is just the start and I have a clearer direction in which way to go.

How would you rate your overall experience?

10/10 you are getting a lot more than just coaching. I can’t emphasise how much I have been able to take away from joining the Hub and Helder’s knowledge in general.

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