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Ian Kerr

It was at the end of summer 2021, a summer I had enjoyed a little to much with a cheeky drink here and there… I had started to put back on the pounds and tbh I needed a break from the booze… with another winter looming and no clarity surrounding the pandemic it felt like there was never going to be a better time to get fit and strong!

A mutual friend suggested Helder & HB Hub..  So I made a call..

Right from the very beginning I was impressed with Helder’s professionalism, his knowledge and enthusiasm but clearly also a guy that’s going to push you to the very limit.

So I began my client journey, it started with tuning in to the website and content / then by downloading  applications / then begins the collating the data which starts with the logging of your food and being accountable for what you eat. Then comes along the fitness & weights! 

I stopped the drinking, the excessive eating, I turned up for sessions, I started educating myself,  I walked the steps and simply and strictly played the game. In my 42 years I have never done weight training so I really was starting from scratch… but the form and strength quickly turned up / because I was eating the right diet! 

My sleep has improved, my headspace is firing on all cylinders and I’m not sure I have ever been happier. I feel the best I have done in 20 years…

So thank you Helder ser, my journey is continuing but thank you for making the world a better place..

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