No other species in the universe demonstrate the unnatural act of prematurely and artificially terminating sleep.

Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Crew, Police, Fireman, Factory workers, any shift workers do exactly the above.

Sleep experts advise to wake up everyday at the same time of the day, not matter if it is the weekend or week, maintaining a sleep schedule is key for sleep health.

Modern society has taken one of nature's perfect solutions (SLEEP) and neatly divided it into 2 problems:

1. Lack of Sleep

2. An inability to remain fully awake during the day

As a society we tend to value those who work hard, we glorify the person who emails back at 1am and then they are back in the office at 5.45am.

So many business now have policies regarding smoking, drug use, ethical behaviour, and injury and disease prevention.


Insufficient sleep, is VERY harmful! Potentially a deadly factor and this is commonly tolerated, in fact sometimes encouraged!

People who sleep fewer than 7 hours per night on average cause a staggering fiscal cost to their country, compared to employees who sleep more than 8 hours each night.

Inadequate sleep costs America and Japan 411 Billion dollars each year, the UK, Canada and Germany follow.

Studies demonstrate that shorter sleep amounts predict lower work rate and slow completion speed of basic tasks.

That is, sleepy employees are unproductive employees. Sleep deprived people also generate fewer and less accurate solutions to work relevant problems.

Under slept employees will not drive any business forward with productive innovation. Like a group of people riding stationary bikes, everyone looks like they are pedalling, but the scenery never changes.

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