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Caroline Smith

I joined HB Health Hub in 2020 following a recommendation from a friend. Having suffered with a chronic health issue my main priority was to expand my fitness, training and nutrition knowledge by working alongside a Coach. Improving my health and well being were my main goals because I wanted to ensure I was giving myself the best chance of good health and happiness for the future.

Having worked with Helder for the last 18 months my health and fitness knowledge has vastly increased. I now understand the importance of a good sleep routine, stress management, understanding macronutrients and my confidence in the gym to train and my understanding of correct form is so improved.

Not only has this process improved my physical health but mentally I feel stronger, happier more confident and comfortable with myself aesthetically. I’ve made friends for life from being part of HB Health Hub community and it’s given me the skills and processes I can carry through life. 

You have to be willing to commit to the process because if you want to change your life then you need to be dedicated, this is a personal evolution journey and I can honestly say this process and being part of the the Hub has been quite simply life changing for me.

Thank you to HB Health Hub.

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