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Our elite team features specialist coaches in Bio-mechanics, Fat Loss, Mindset, Sleep, Digestion, Stress, and Injury Management. 

We're not just about workouts and diet plans, we focus on education in health, training, and nutrition so you can lead a life filled with purpose, joy, and wellness.

Here's how we stand out:

Our Knowledge. Our Values. Our Methods.

Find out more below.



Meet the Coaches who can transform your mind and body:


My motivation for pursuing a career in coaching stems from a profound desire to EMPOWER INDIVIDUALS with knowledge in training, nutrition, and health. It has been fueled by the recognition of a WIDESPREAD NEED FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION in this industry.


I have embarked on a COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY. Completing advanced training from the UK'S LEADING INSTITUTES: GB Fitness and The Advanced Coaching Academy. These experiences provided me with a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE and its applications, EXERCISE SCIENCE, and PROGRAM DESIGN.

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I have also had the privilege of working closely with Integra Training, gaining vast knowledge in Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) programs and ADVANCED BIOMECHANICS.

Health is my passion. I am COMMITTED TO LIFE-LONG LEARNING in health, nutrition, and training. This RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE enables me to continuously refine my coaching toolkit, ensuring I am equipped to make a MEANINGFUL IMPACT on the lives of those I work with.

Over the past decade, I have TRANSFORMED HUNDREDS OF CLIENTS both from my own training facility and through the HB Health App.

Whatever your goals, whatever your ability, everybody starts somewhere. Contact my team and TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU.


My journey towards becoming a personal trainer has been driven by a multitude of ideas however all of them have consistently shared one feature, health. I believe there are four pillars to our health - our MENTAL, COGNITIVE, SPIRITUAL & PHYSICAL.


Each of these ties into each other and demands our attention to BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES. The focus in the gym is of course our physical health but the impact of consistent training transcends into the other three.

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Studying PHILOSOPHY AT DEGREE LEVEL has equipped me with many tools to understand the reasons behind our everyday life decisions. This, partnered with my EDUCATION IN PSYCHOLOGY, means I understand the BIOCHEMICAL INFLUENCES in our decisions. Looking after our physical health is one way of doing just that.
There are multiple aspects to training such as nutrition, sleep, and stress that all impact the way we interact with ourselves and others. I made the decision to PRIORITISE LEARNING about these factors, our physical health, and the benefits of being strong and fit so that I can coach others on how to do the same. 
This led me towards my QUALIFICATION IN PERSONAL TRAINING course as well as a nutrition and training course designed by Layne Norton - a renowned Doctor, PHD, and leading specialist in nutrition and science-based training. 
Working at the HB Health Hub, it is my priority to utilise all that I’ve learnt and continue to learn, to make sure that YOU LEAVE WITH MORE VALUE, knowledge and above all, a HEALTHIER BODY than you come in with. I look forward to working with you.



These 4 key values ensure we are:


1. Focused on clients' needs

2. Make impactful changes

3. Trustworthy and reliable

4. Continuously improving



OUR METHODS MAKE US STAND OUT against mediocre PT's.

By focusing on the 4 Pillars of Health, OUR SERVICES ARE FAR SUPERIOR to traditional training ideas. 

The level of CARE & DEDICATION WE PROVIDE, coupled with hard work and discipline, is what GUARANTEES RESULTS to every client we work with. 

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