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Name: Helder Barroso 
Age: 43 Years Old
Born: Porto - Portugal
Favorite Food: 100% Dark Chocolate
Favorite Drink: Red Wine & Coffee 
Favorite Movie: Men Of Fire

Helder Barroso 

My WHY for becoming a coach is to help educate as many people as possible (yes, I know this is cliché). However, for me to educate people in the areas of nutrition, training, digestion, sleep, stress, and much more, I had to become worthy of it.

Before I could educate others, I needed to make sure I knew as much as I could in the areas where I felt people were lacking knowledge. Therefore, I took two different nutrition courses with two of the best companies in the UK: GB Fitness Ltd, led by Cain Leatham, and The Advanced Coaching Academy, led by Phil Learney.

I have also taken extended personal training courses with GB Fitness and educated myself on biomechanics through organisations such as the M10 Fitness, where I coached for almost one year in Nottingham, led by Mark Coles. While at M10, education was key for us, and every week we had people such as Integra Training coaching us on RTS and biomechanics, as well as many other amazing individuals in the health and well-being world.

The learning never stops, and at this moment, I continue to learn. I make it a priority to attend as many workshops and seminars as possible, read as many books as possible, and listen to as many podcasts as possible. This way, I can add more and more tools to my toolbox. The more tools I have, the more people I can help.

Now working from my facility, I have a huge amount of tools to help YOU, and I cannot wait to welcome you to the Hub.

Coach HB

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