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Jas Gill

Why did you join HB Health Hub?

To learn about fitness with the goal of maintaining a regime I could use for life, not just as a yo yo fad.

What were your expectations?


To lose fat and learn key aspects of healthy nutrition.

Have we met your expectations?

Yes - exceeded my expectation - I mainly learnt (and respected) the importance of building muscle in order to lose fat.

What did you mostly takeaway from this experience?


Progressive overload + steps + balanced diet is everything. Bring it down to those basic principles and your body composition will dramatically change!

When you speak to others about your journey, what are you most excited about telling them?


How you can really simplify your fitness plan (no need to be drenching with sweat after every workout in order to succeed)

Do you feel you have come away from this experience with knowledge you can take away with you for the rest of your life?


Yes for sure

How would you rate your overall experience?


Really amazing 10/10. Enjoyed all of it except a few leg sessions

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