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from 95.1kg to 82.9kg, a total of 12.2kg lost in just 3 months.


Body fat % from 22.4% to 12.9% on Inbody scales

Lost cm: 5.9cm from chest - 2.6cm from arms - 13 cm from waist - 1.9cm from hips  - 0.9cm from legs

Starting calorie intake 2000 - Ended calorie intake 1900

Starting steps 14600 - Ended steps 16000

Training 4 to 6 x per week of Thai boxing, mix martial arts and strength and conditioning 


Why did you join HB Health Hub?

To reduce body fat

What were your expectations?


To lose weight and get healthier

Have we met your expectations?


Yes and more

What did you mostly takeaway from this experience?


Counting calories is key

When you speak to others about your journey, what are you most excited about telling them?


Reduction of fat percentage

Do you feel you have come away from this experience with knowledge you can take away with you for the rest of your life?



How would you rate your overall experience?


Great experience overall and plenty of support

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