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Reeta Odedra

Why did you join HB Health Hub?


I joined the hub 4 years ago as I wasn’t happy with my weight after I had my children.

What were your expectations?


My expectations were to train and the weight would drop off, however I quickly learned that wasn’t the case it took a while for me to train and change my mindset with exercise and food for the weight to drop off.

Have we met your expectations?


Yes 100% I have got to my target goal and now I can enjoy days out with my family and not feel out of place. 4 years on I still enjoy training and logging my food as and when I need to.

What did you mostly takeaway from this experience?


That training and food logging doesn’t have to be boring. I have also made some great friends at the hub.

When you speak to others about your journey, what are you most excited about telling them?


I love showing people my old pictures

Do you feel you have come away from this experience with knowledge you can take away with you for the rest of your life?


100% the experience and knowledge Helder has given will stay with me for the rest of my life

How would you rate your overall experience?


10/10 would recommend Helder to everyone, love the hub and most of the machines and I love the people I train with and our morning sessions

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