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The first of our vital aspects of coaching is that it involves partnership, it is not something done by an expert to a passive recipient, it is an active collaboration between experts. People are the undisputed experts of themselves. No one has been with them longer or knows them better than they do themselves. 

Our aim is not to persuade our clients, we aim to support our clients and to create a positive interpersonal atmosphere that is conducive to change but not coercive. 


We prefer to dance with our clients instead of wrestling with our clients, we rather move with our clients rather than against them. It is not a process of overpowering them and pinning them down like a wrestling match but rather a smooth dance of ballroom waltz where someone is still leading in the dance, and skilful guiding is part of the art of our coaching, without tripping or stepping on toes. 


Why is this so important? One simple reason is that when the goal is for another person to change, they can't do it alone. We are not here to trick our clients to change habits, we are here to work as a team to help them activate their motivation and resources to change. 

We are privileged to work with our clients and witness the changes they make, we believe our partnership is what makes this happen, it is a little like sitting on a sofa while the person pages through a life photo album. We ask questions sometimes, but mostly we listen because the story is the person's own. Our purpose is to understand life before our clients, to see the world through their eyes rather than superimposing our vision. 

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