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Tom Astles


from 89.7kg to 78.1kg, a total of 11.6kg lost in just 5 months.


Body fat % from 17.2% to 8.3% on Inbody scales

Starting calorie intake 2140 - Ended calorie intake 1895

Starting steps 8600 - Ended steps 9600

Training 3 x per week in our small group coaching classes 


Why did you join HB Health Hub?

Why did you join HB Health Hub?I joined HB because I wanted to make a positive change in my life. Not just losing weight, but to get rid of bad habits, increase my confidence and improve my mental health.

What were your expectations?


I was anxious at first as I wasn’t very familiar with the gym environment. I also wasn’t sure how much my body would actually change. However I was keen to try and push myself.

Have we met your expectations?


100%. My mindset day to day has changed and I feel more confident in my own skin than ever before.

What did you mostly takeaway from this experience?


I would say that even small changes can make a big difference, and that you trusting the process and having a good support network is crucial.

When you speak to others about your journey, what are you most excited about telling them?


I’m happy to say that I have learnt a lot about how to look after your body properly

Do you feel you have come away from this experience with knowledge you can take away with you for the rest of your life?


Definitely. Understanding what types of food to eat and when has been really helpful. But also I feel much more confident about using gym equipment and not feeling insecure.

How would you rate your overall experience?


I’ve loved it so far and will definitely continue with the good habits that I have learnt.

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