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Are you feeling Low in mood? Anxious? Depressed?Hard to concentrate?

Light in the middle of the night reduces dopamine levels to a point where it can start causing problems such as learning difficulties, memory, mood, anxiety and depression.

Dopamine is the precursor to adrenaline. We all know what adrenaline does I hope.

Dopamine is the FEEL GOOD hormone and light in the middle of the night reduces dopamine levels.

In today's world we are constantly are our phones, laptops, and all the blue screens, not to mention overhead light after darkness, the levels of tiredness, anxiety, depression are on the rise.

This includes us adults but also children and considering the effects on learning, we really need to think about educating ourselves as well as our children of the effects of light after dark.

Now I know we live in a world where light at night is just normal, but unfortunately to the human body and brain it is not normal and we must revert back to basics.

After dark, think about having more candle light in your house, if you have a fireplace put it on.

If this is not possible have low yellow light and wear blue blocking glasses.

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