Calories In VS Calories Out

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

In whatever way we try to change the way we look it is without argument that the amount of total energy in and total energy out will remain the most important factor in total body weight.

what ratio of lean versus fat mass it is. Total body weight is ultimately determined by:

calories in vs calories out

Want to gain muscle?

To gain muscle we must have a surplus of available “fuel” to do so. For this to occur, we must be in an anabolic (regenerative) state and therefore reflectively a hypercaloric state. Hypercaloric means an excess of calories beyond current requirements.

Want to lose fat?

To lose body fat/weight, it must be mobilised to be used as potential energy (lipolysis). This must exceed the storage of surplus energy substrates as subcutaneous or visceral fat (lipogenesis).

To lose fat/weight, we must be in a catabolic (degenerative) state. This is indicative of a hypocaloric state. Hypocaloric meaning there is an insufficient intake of calories for the current requirements causing the body to use fuel stores.

You cannot gain fat unless you are consuming more than your requirements are.


Above we discussed energy in, however we also need to consider energy out.