In my opinion compassion is the recognition of pain with the desire to relieve it, which can be given to myself as well as to others.

Compassion for yourself is is fundamental, since if you don't care how you feel and want to do something about it, it becomes harder to make an effort to become happier and more resilient. Compassion is both soft and muscular. Studies show that when people feel compassion, motor planning areas in the brain begin to prepare for action.

Compassion is a psychological resource, an inner strength.

Be For You

Who's the one person you can affect the most?


Both you in this moment and and in your future. The person you will be in the next minute, week, or year. If you think of yourself as someone to whom you have a duty of care and kindness, what might change in how you talk to yourself, and how you go about your day?

Being good to yourself means, it will be good for others around you. When people increase their own well-being, they usually become more patient, cooperative, and caring in their relationships. Think about how it would benefit others if you felt less stressed, worried, or irritated, and more peaceful, contented, and loving.

Everytime I focus on myself I feel the feeling of positivity and these experiences become more and more evident the more I do it, it's like working a muscle and strengthening it, again and again. With repetition, kindness and encouragement for myself gradually sank in and became a natural way of being.

Give Compassion

Giving compassion lowers stress and calms your body. receiving compassion makes you stronger, more able to take a breath, find your footing, and keep it going.

You get the benefits of both giving and receiving compassion when you offer it to yourself. Much as you can see the burdens and stresses of others, you can recognise these same things in yourself. Much as you can feel moved by their suffering, you can be touched by your own. You can bring the same support to yourself that you would provide to someone else. And if there is not much compassion for you coming from others, it is more important than ever to give it to yourself.