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Do Your Worrying Before You Place Your Bets, Not After!

In my line of work I have many people seat in front of me saying their are ready to commit to their, health, change their habits, even people that have had a scare in life such as a heart attack, diabetes, etc.

They come, they ready, they place their bets , spend their money but when the wheel start to move, they quickly start panicking that they have to actually start changing some of their ways and habits.

I total think emotions of anxiety have a place in planning and deciding on a course of action, but when once a decision is made and execution is the order of the day, they dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome and this leads to failure.

Let's forget about health and fitness, how many people do you know that have made decisions or embarked upon courses of action without adequate preparation, without considering all the risks involved and the best possible alternatives.

We start something and then we worry about what the outcome is going to be, whether we have made the right decision.

From today, before you make any more decisions, first do your research, analyze every possible positive and negative outcome and then make a decision. Once the decision is made, STOP dwelling on it and just do what you have to do, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and stop caring about the outcome. Trust me it works, this is what I have done.

You will embrace the journey, it will make you feel better, you will sleep sounder, and you will work harder. This concept works in all aspects of life, health, business, love, whatever.

Example: You decide to work with a coach to lose weight, you worry that you going to have to exercise, and start counting calories, and other tasks that will challenge you. If you know and are aware of the perceived unpleasantness involved before you make the decision to do it and if you feel the unpleasantness is causing you concern and it's not worth it, then DON'T do it. But if you decide to do it, then embrace it and make the decision to just go.

If the decision is to go, no longer consider quitting, or try to mentally or physically run away from it, dismiss all thoughts of resistance.

Consider the risk and the reward before the wheel starts turning.

Coach HB

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