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False Beliefs Of Ourselves

Inferiority and superiority are reverse sides of the coin. The cure lies in realizing that the coin itself is spurious.

We are not #inferior

We are not #superior

We are simply #whoweare

“You” as a personality are not in competition with any other personality, simply because there is not another person on the face of the earth like you.

We are all individuals!

We need to stop measuring yourself against "their" standards. You are not "them" and can never be. Neither can "they" measure up to your. nor should they. Once you see this simple, rather self-evident truth, accept it, and believe it, your inferior feelings will vanish.

Our current held beliefs, whether good or bad, true or false, were formed without effort, with no sense of strain, and without the exercise of "willpower." Our habits, were formed the same way.

It follows that we must employ the same process in forming new beliefs, or new habits, that is, in a relaxed condition.

It has been amply demonstrated that attempting to use effort or willpower to change beliefs or to cure bad habits has an adverse, rather than a beneficial, effect.

"Your ideal goals must be made without effort if they are to be effective" - Emile Coue.

Making an effort to refrain from the habit actually reinforces the habit. The best way to break a habit is to form a clear mental image of the desired end result, and to practice without effort toward reaching that goal.

Positive practice (refraining from the habit) or negative practice (performing the habit consciously and voluntarily) would have beneficial effect provided the desired end result was kept constantly in mind.

In many cases, the mere relaxation of effort, or too much conscious straining, is in itself enough to eradicate the negative behaviour pattern.

Daily practice that includes mental picturing of your goals will help make them clearer. Practice will strengthen the tie-in between mental image and physical action.

Coach HB

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