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If doing a multi joint exercise, such as a squat, how do we monitor volume?

Stimulating reps (Reps that really count) can only be counted in full when an exercise produces full motor unit recruitment for the worked muscle.

In the squat, there will be some gluteus work, some adductor work and some quad work. If the squat is more hip dominant the gluteus will most likely be the maximally stimulated muscle as they will be the limiting factor, however we still have volume being added to the other muscle groups which is very hard to quantify.

Ultimately, whether an exercise stimulates a muscle must be determined by an understanding of the biomechanics of the exercise, and not by whether it has traditionally been included in workouts for that body part.

Person A

Are you saying squats are not a good option?


No, I am not saying they are bad at all. There can be a place for squats but we have to look at the carry over of that exercise for the rest of the session and consequent sessions in terms of managing volume and the fatigue that may come with it.

This goes for any multi joint exercise we do, we need to be aware of the carry over to the other body parts that are working and make sure that we are not over doing it.

Biceps and Triceps for example have a huge carry over in most pushing and pulling exercises, this is why I am not a big fan of training them by themselves.

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