Training Split

This is a question a lot of people seem to ask.

Helder what training split should I do? One body part per day? Push, Pull, Legs? What do you recommend.

And my answer is always it depends! It depends on so many things but I will do my best to explain my thought process when setting up training plans.

First of all, the number one thing is personal enjoyment, what do you like to do? What fits in with your current day to day life? There is no point in me telling to train 6 days per week if that is something you can't do, due to other commitments in your life.

The whole point of setting up a training split is to produce results, whatever those results are is what you set yourself up to achieve. There is no point in following a training split from your favourite social media star as his or her split will not help you achieve your goals.

So what I am about to say may not fit with your goals, but it is an educated place for you to start from, and then from there you can build your own training split.

Training Stimulus

Training stimulus is what grows muscle, for body composition to change we have to grow muscle. Adequate stimulus is KEY for long term results.

What does that mean Helder?

Well let's say you go into the gym today and you train legs really hard, the next day you go into the gym and you are going to train back. If for example you did some heavy squats on leg day and then the next day you go in and do deadlifts, you won't be able to create adequate stimulus because you will still be pretty tired and beat up from the day before.

So it is key that when you set up a training split, you are able to train as hard as possible and produce the required stimulus to change your physique in each workout.

What else can affect training stimulus?

For example within your training session you will have an amount of exercises, it could be 3, 4, 5 or even 10. The way you set up those exercises and the sequence in which you do them can affect your ability to produce adequate stimulus. It is pretty common sense that you will be able to produce more stimulus in the first exercise then you will in the last exercise of the day.