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What does your poop say about you?

When I first start working with clients we always have to have the dreaded chat of:

“So…how’s your poo?”

Poop health can tell you a lot about how well (or not so well) your eating and lifestyle habits are working for you.

Great poo? Great life! But “problem poo” could signal underlying health issues that result in feeling lousy or even trigger a downward spiral of ailments.

What does healthy or unhealthy poop look like?

The shape and texture of your poop can tell you a lot about your eating and lifestyle habits.

Possible Red Flags

1. Any colour other than brown

2. Extremely bad smell

3. Going to frequently or infrequently

4. Bowel movements that take to long or take a huge effort

Let's Look At 6 Things Your Problem Poop Could Be Telling You.

1. Your Gut May Not Be Functioning Properly

2. Your Microbiome Is Off-Balance

3. Your Diet Is Problem

4. You Are Not Hydrated

5. Too Much Stress

6. Your Training Routine Is A Problem

Don't neglect what your poop tells you if you are serious about your health.

Get in the habit of checking your poop quality on a daily basis, this way anything that poops up! LOL You can then address it quickly.

I use an app called LOG, it helps me keep track and makes my assessments easier.

The above information is taken from an article by mc schraefel, Ph.D. and Krista Scott-Dixon, Ph.D. from Precision Nutrition

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