What Is Stopping You From Sleeping?

What is stopping you from sleeping?

Many of us are beyond tired, why?

For most people who do not have a sleeping disorder, most likely the reasons underlying this state of sleep deficiency can seem hard to pinpoint.

5 Key factors have powerfully changed how much and how well we sleep:

1. Constant electric light as well as LED light.

2. Regularized Temperature

3. Caffeine


5. Shift Work

Over the next few blogs I will be talking about each and everyone one of the above and how they are affecting our sleep and in turn our health.


Let's all blame Thomas Edison for eventing the first power-generating station to support an electrified society!

The planet has a natural cycle of night and day and Thomas kind of put an ending to that.

Before Edison, and before the gas and oil lamps, the setting sun would take with it this full stream of daylight from our eyes, sensed by our 24 hour clock within the brain.

The loss of daylight informs our brain that nighttime is now in session, time to release the brake pedal and unleash the vast quantities that signal to our brains and bodies that darkness has arrived and it is time for sleep.

Appropriately scheduled tiredness, followed by sleep, would normally occur several hours after dusk accross our human collective.

Electric light put an end to this natural order of things.