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Plant Based Diet

I am kind of fed up with the amount of crap I see on social media, so many claim things that just aren't real, for the sake of selling books, TV programs, guides, etc...

Veganism in not a religion or cult, neither is any other diet method on earth!

Not every person avoiding meat has a deep philosophical reason for doing so, some people believe avoiding meat is simply healthier, others believe it’s better for the environment.  And, of course, still others make this choice as a result of religious or animal rights belief. 

Everyone has the choice of eating the way they want, personally I prefer to eat more plant based foods and less meat, I am not vegetarian, I am not vegan, I will eat everything, It’s called the way I EAT.

Is a plant based diet healthy?

To put it simply, YES, most of the studies I have read pretty much prove people that eat a plant based diet can lead a very healthy life, the KEY to this is the way they live. They tend to eat foods that are higher in nutrients and fibre, they tend to be more active and eat a lot less processed foods.

It IS NOT because they don't eat meat, it's because overall they have a better lifestyle and control their calorie intake.

I for example have the same approach but I still eat meat, eggs, fish and other dairy products, this does not make me any more unhealthy than those eating a plant based diet.

I know a lot of people who claim to be vegetarian and vegan and are VERY unhealthy as well as people that eat meat and they are also very unhealthy.

Can You Get All Amino Acids From a Plant Based Diet?

Protein is a crucial nutrient that benefits your body, from the strength of your muscles to the health of your skin, hair and nails. Protein also contributes to the repair of tissue and helps with neurotransmitter functioning. All foods contain some protein.

It's been proven that you can 100% get all the amino acids needed from a plant based diet, the key is a diverse selection of plant foods eaten throughout the day that will supply your body with all the essential amino acids it needs to make sufficient protein.

Complete-Protein Plant Foods

A number of foods or food combinations are considered complete proteins and contain all nine of the essential amino acids in varying amounts. Including these in your plant based diet can help ensure your protein needs are met.

1. Soybeans, tofu, tempeh and edamame 2. Quinoa 3. Chia seeds 4. Hempseed 5. Beans with rice 5. Seitan 6. Buckwheat 7. Hummus and pita 8. Pumpkin seeds 9. Sprouted brown rice

10. Spirulina and grains or nuts 11. Sprouted-grain bread 12. Peanut butter and bread

13. Beans on toast

14. Awesome Vegan Protein Powder


Creatine, when combined with phosphate forms phosphocreatine (PCr).  Why is this important?  PCr acts as a reserve of high-energy phosphate (i.e. fuel). Creatine supplementation influences brain functioning as shown by various studies that have taken snapshots of brain function.  In a rarity, scientists examined young women (most studies are on men) who were vegetarians and meat-eaters.  These women consumed 20 grams of creatine (or a placebo) for 5 days.  In vegetarians but not in the meat-eaters, creatine supplementation resulted in better memory.

More proof.  A study of 45 vegetarians found that creatine supplementation enhanced memory and intelligence, both tasks that require speed of processing. Remember that creatine is naturally found in fish and meat.  So all most people on a plant based diet should supplement with creatine. 

A few things I want you to take away from reading this Blog:

1. Don't let the type of diet you eat define you! It's just food.

2. You can get all the protein you need from a plant based diet, it just takes a bit more planning and preparation

3. Supplement with creatine.

Hope the above helps

Coach HB

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