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The Ecosystem

The gut and gut microbiota

Think of the gut and microbiota as a life system just as complex as a rainforest. This ecosystem lives in the environment that is our body, just like some rainforests live in the environment in South America. It is the health of the environment that dictates the health of the ecosystem. If the rainforest has an environment with plenty of rain, it will thrive; if there is a prolonged drought, the rainforest will die.

When it comes to our gut (The ecosystem) and body (The environment).

Healthy body = Healthy Bacteria

By providing our gut bacteria the healthiest possible environment, we will allow the healthiest bacteria to grow, we will then reap all the health benefits to follow. Think of it like this: If you were a gardener and your plants were dying, what would you do? In health we often focus on the problem and not the cause! But in gardening, a more holistic view is required. With the holistic-gardener view, we ask the question, why is this plant dying? We examine the environment the plant is in and then work to provide the plant with the environment it needs to grow and thrive.

We may find there is not enough sun, exposure and too much moisture, and, as a result the soil is infected with fungus. We trim some overgrowth brush that is blocking the sun, which helps to reduce moisture, and use agents to aid in removing the fungus.

This is the same approach we must take to repair our gut and microbiota ecosystem. Yes, sometimes a branch must be cut off, but this is what we will work to avoid.

We can't micromanage the ecosystem

It is important to create an optimum environment for the ecosystem to work and this must be individualised to each and everyone one of us.'

Life on the outside affects life on the inside

If we abuse the "outside" (Our Body) with stress, lack of sleep, too much exercise, by eating rubbish, what do you think the world of bacteria on the inside will look like?

We already know that our gut is like an ecosystem, so it won't be a surprise that just as there are different types of ecosystems, there are different types of guts!

Some ecosystems need a lot of rain but others need less rain and more sun. Likewise some guts will need more carbs and fiber and others will need less.

All though we can't micromanage our gut, what we can do is listen to it, learn from it, and tend to it like a good gardener attends to its plants.

In the next blog we are going deeper into the small intestine.

The above information is taken from the Healthy Gut Healthy You Book, by Dr. Michael Ruscio

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