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Will lifting weights as a female make them muscular?

Most of my clients are females, in our first meeting 80% of them tell me they want to lose fat and get toned, but they don't want to get big and muscular!

Ladies let me tell you, you will not become muscular, if only gaining muscle was that easy! I have been at it for over 20 years and I am still trying! LOL. On a seriou note, It's very difficult for females to become very muscular.

Many ladies believe that lifting heavy will make them bulky. Because of that, they avoid lifting weights and they stick to cardio., just step into any gym, most females are on the cardio area, whilst the males are on the free weight area.

Definition of toned

In other words getting toned means you need to build some muscle! Don't worry you won't look like a man, I promise. Men have testosterone which is the main hormone in building muscle, woman also have this hormone but in much, much smaller amounts.

If you goal is to get "toned" then you will need to lift some weights, yes cardio is important but weight training is the only way you will build muscle

One of the best ways to lose fat and build muscle is to incorporate both weight training and cardio, as well as being active outside of the gym and of course pay close attention to your calorie intake.

Our Fitcamps are the perfect blend of all of the above, I am not trying to sell you our camps, they are very successful anyway but it is set up to help you lose fat and get toned.

Coach HB

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