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How sustainable is your diet?

When it comes to fat loss the biggest thing is how sustainable your approach is and how are you able to adhere to the process.

If you cannot sustain the methods you use to lose weight, then the question is not “if” but “how” you’ll put back on the weight after you lose it, if you actually lose any!

We are all individuals, just because Doreen next door lost weight with Slimming world, it doesn't mean this will work for you! It is important to look at different strategies and find a way that suits you.

Does it fit your lifestyle?

Does it fit around your work life?

Does it fit around your family life?

Does it fit around your social life?

You need to consider your psychological and emotional well-being, while still progressing towards your goals.

Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy. It may be at some points, but it will also be very difficult, as well.

It requires discipline, dedication, and willpower.

Don't make it harder then it needs to be, and don't set yourself up for failure.

“self-control is fatiguing.” That is, any type of weight loss strategy will require some form of sacrifice and self-control, but this isn’t the only area of your life where you’ll need to exercise self-control.

You need self-control for your career, your family, your personal life, your spouse, etc.

In isolation, these things may not be that “fatiguing,” but put them all together, throw some stress into the mix, and maintaining your diet can become very difficult.

Don’t pick a plan that requires maximum willpower right from the beginning; that’s going to fail 100% of the time.

Your weight loss strategy should feel “easy” when stress is low and the other areas of your life are going well. This way, when stress is high (we’re just being real, shit happens) hopefully your dietary strategy isn’t working to compound it significantly.

Coach HB

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